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ADDED 15-07-2016

Hotspot New York City: The fat radish Restaurant.

The Fat Radish is a restaurant in New York on 17 Orchard St. First of all, not only the food is great, but it looks gorgeous as well. The raw design of this restaurant makes it a very nice vibe. It was a sausage factory before this was a restaurant in the East Village. The inspiration on the menu comes from California, so think spicy chicken and fresh salads. 

The Restaurant has a brunch, lunch and dinner menu. The menu is nog too big, which is a good sign, so there's more love and caring in each dish. Whether you go for brunch, lunch or dinner, it will be good in here. 

Address: 17 Orchard St, NYC, 10002


For opening and closing times, or to make a reservation, head over to their website.