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ADDED 06-02-2017

Outfit of the week with our Prince mid black.

This outfit blog post is all about the Prince mid, our newest model. The Prince mid is a shoe that seems hard to combine at first, but actually, it really isn't. The shoe might look very bad-ass, but can be worn either Urban styled or even well-dressed, to give your outfit a little more spice.

For this blog post we decided to show you how to style it with a bit of both worlds. When you wear a pantalon, you can give it a very sleek and slick feeling, even though the rest is urban. A t-shirt or sweater with a print makes it look like you put a lot of effort in to style yourself. Since it's winter we thought to put everything together with a lammy coat, which is something you can always invest in, since it will never go out of style. Top it off with some nice shades and a hat to stay warm but also look fashionable and you're ready to go rock the Prince Mid.