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ADDED 20-12-2016

Brains behind the brand.

Team Mercer decided to highlight the brain behind Mercer Amsterdam, Pim Dresen. His sneaker addiction started at the age of 10, when he bought his first pair in Mercer Street in Soho, New York. After making the big move to Amsterdam for his job, the sneaker addiction only grew bigger. He didn’t like the idea of anyone having the same sneakers as him, and he didn’t like the fit of some sneakers, so he started drawing and developing his own while still working in an investment bank at the same time.

After he found one of the best production facilities in Portugal he designed and produced his first pair and posted it on his personal Instagram account. One blue Monday whilst still working at the bank he got a call from his first customer who wanted to buy the sneakers for his shop. He turned the offer down because he did not have a name, a price or even a full collection. But the customer insisted on buying the shoe, and this is how it all started.

Now three years later Mercer Amsterdam is sold in 8 countries, in over 120 of the best shops, plus, of course, our own Mercer Amsterdam webshop. And the brand keeps growing every day.

Pim is the backbone of Mercer Amsterdam. He does everything with a lot of love, from designing a sneaker with his team to picking out the best of the best materials, to so much more than only designing.  Day and night he breathes Mercer Amsterdam, making him not only the owner and founder of Mercer Amsterdam, but also a lifestyle.