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ADDED 19-12-2016

Hotspot Amsterdam: Bar/Restaurant Madam.

Madam is a panoramic bar and restaurant in the North side of Amsterdam, right when you come of the ferry. It’s located in the top of the A’dam tower, which is great to visit both in daytime and nighttime. In daytime you can have the lookout experience, and Madam has a very nice lunch menu to enjoy. And when the darkness of the night hits Amsterdam, the volume goes up in Madam and it transcends  into the highest skybar of Amsterdam. They have an excellent diner menu, the best cocktails and a magical vibe. Not only enjoy a great diner, but enjoy the breath taking view as well.

Address: A’dam – 20th Floor, Overhoeksplein 3, 1031 KS Amsterdam.

Check out their website for more information regarding reservations, how to get there, the menu, and a small preview of what to expect when you enter this special place: