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ADDED 13-10-2016

The creation process of your Mercer Amsterdam shoe.

At Mercer Amsterdam all our shoes are handmade with the finest materials, which have been handpicked by our designers. We use only the best of the best as everyone knows; therefore we would like to communicate with everyone how we make our shoes. So in this blog post we are showing you how the shoe is put together, since you are only presented with the end result.  As we all know human curiosity makes us want to know the origin of everything great that has happened in the world. We will take you through the evolution of the Mercer shoe.

The journey of the Mercer creation begins in the heart of Amsterdam. A team of sneaker aficionados brainstorm together to create the perfect design. This then gets sent to the expert craftsmen in Portugal, where they add life to the design. They bring the shoe to life by hand stitching and constructing the sneaker with the finest materials brought from the land where fashion originated, Italy.

The shoe then undergoes a 4 stage lifecycle: The Italian leather upper – for aesthetic, the gel-layered insole- for comfort, the lasting insole- to last you a lifetime and the Italian rubber sole- to join you in any journey you encounter. All these pieces together make the end product, your Mercer shoe, which will have heads turning.

As sneaker designers we appreciate the craftsmanship, which has been perfected and passed down by generations. This is why we at Mercer believe in taking part in the whole process and really appreciating the skill of those craftsmen in Portugal who help realise the Mercer dream and bring it to life.

The craftsmen begin with the upper. This is made from different pieces, which are cut with specially designed cutting knives and sewn together. We use a special designed last to give the shoe the best look and feel possible. The gel-layered insole used is very high quality and provides you with comfort while wearing the shoes. The lasting insole is in between of the sole and the gel-layered insole for practical production reasons. Finally you have the Italian rubber sole, which is very comfortable and completes the shoe.

Once the shoe has undergone the production process its journey ends again in Amsterdam where we finalise bringing the Mercer shoe to life with carefully, handpicked accessories to complete your Mercer shoes. To accessorize the shoes we use gold embossed logos and waxed cotton laces with silver or gold tips, to add that extra touch of luxury.