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ADDED 14-09-2016

Store Hotspot in the Netherlands: Shoebaloo.

One of our stockist’s and most beautiful stores in Amsterdam is Shoebaloo. Shoebaloo has six stores where they sell women shoes, men shoes and accessories for both. All stores are designed by architects Meyer & Van Schooten, and each store has a different design concept as well.

Shoebaloo exists for nearly forty years already, and they keep on being the leading retailer of high-end designer footwear, bags and accessories in the Netherlands.  They have always been on trend and fashion forward, and still are.

If you’re in need of trendy shoes, bags or accessories, this is your go-to store when visiting Amsterdam. But, if you live in a different city in the Netherlands there’s no need to worry, they have more stores all over the country, and they even have a website where you can buy the products.

Some of the stores:

Koningsplein 7, 1017 BB, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Kruiskade 57C, 3012 EE, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Lijnmarkt 39, 3511 KG, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

You can find more information on their website linked below: