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Shipping & Returns

If you have purchased and wish to exchange a product, please contact us as soon as possible. Please direct any of the above-mentioned matters to: We guarantee you the right to return an online order (or part hereof) for any reason within 14 days of having received it.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for a more detailed description. If you need to return a webshop order to get a refund or change a product for a different size please ship it to this address:

Mercer Amsterdam Customer Service, Havenkade 2S, 3281 LS, Numansdorp, The Netherlands.


Delivery Time

Country Delivery Time   (indication)
Belgium 2-5 Days
Bulgaria 4-7 Days
Denmark 2-5 Days
Germany 2-4 Days
Estonia 5-7 Days
Finland 4-5 Days
France 2-5 Days
UK 3-7 Days
Greece 3-5 Days
Hungary 3-7 Days
Ireland 3-7 Days
Italy 3-7 Days
Latvia 4-7 Days
Lithuania 4-7 Days
Luxembourg 2-5 Days
Austria 3-7 Days
Poland 3-7 Days
Portugal 3-7 Days
Romania 4-7 Days
Slovenia 4-7 Days
Slovakia 3-7 Days
Spain including Balearic Islands, excl Canary Islands 3-7 Days
Czech Republic 3-7 Days
Sweden 2-7 Days
Croatia 4-7 Days
Norway 3-7 Days
Switzerland 2-7 Days
Rest of Europe 4-10 Days
USA 4-10 Days
Australia  6-10 Days
Brazil 6-10 Days
Canada 5-10 Days
China 8-15 Days
Hong-Kong  5-10 Days
Japan  4-10 Days
New Zealand 6-10 Days
South Africa 8-10 Days
Rest of the World  5-16 Days